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Our aim is to provide high quality, Red Tractor Assured local produce direct from Manor Farm, as part of our sustainable approach to food production in the Surrey Hills

Orders being taken now!

Belted Galloway Beef available 13th August 2019

- Please contact us to place your order and to be kept informed of dates

Extra Cuts sold separately:

Fillet Steak, Rib-eye steak and Fore-Rib joints

Our traditional 10kg Beltie Beef Bag £145

A typical beef bag may contain approximately:

4kg boned and rolled joints (usually 3-4 joints)

1kg steak (usually pack of 2 rump slices & pack of 2 sirloin)

2kg stewing steak (in 500g bags)

3kg mince (in 500g bags)

A bag will contain 10kg of meat and the proportions of cuts will vary between bags. As a guide, 10kg of beef should fit in one drawer of an upright freezer.

On occasion the butcher may cut braising slices or shin slices and these cuts may appear in the box instead of some of the stewing steak and mince.

Extra cuts such as fillet, fore-rib and rolled back rib are sold to beef bag customers on collection day - please reserve these cuts to avoid disappointment.

Please contact us to check availability and order beef.

Our 4kg Beltie Starter Bag £64

A typical beef bag may contain approximately:

1kg boned and rolled joint

1 pack steak (either Sirloin or Rump will be in the bag)

1kg stewing steak (in 500g bags)

1.5kg mince (in 500g bags)

Special Offer

Buy 5 Beltie Mince bags and get 1 free - Great Value Grass-Fed Beef and Fabulous Taste!


What is the Manor Farm Belted Galloway Beef Scheme?

A Beef Bag Scheme gives you the opportunity to buy the best of British beef direct from the farmer, right here in Wotton.

Know exactly what you are eating and where it comes from! 

The Beef Bag scheme enables us to sell all the beef in one day and it's this carcass balance which makes the project viable and enables us to continue to sell direct to our customers.

Our Beltie cattle are born and bred here on the farm with full traceability of each animal from farm to fork.

The 'Belties' are traditionally reared with the cows producing nutritionally rich milk from the pasture they graze, for the calves which continue to suckle for nine months until weaning.

The cattle grow at their own steady pace (no rushing here!) on our local pasture and herb rich chalk downland where they undertake important conservation grazing to manage this rare habitat; producing well marbled beef, high in omega 3 and full of delicious flavour.

We make the most of this added flavour by hanging the beef on the bone and dry aging it for 28 days which allows the meat to tenderise and reach its full potential in texture and flavour.

We are proud to be Red Tractor Farm Assured and our farming standards are regularly checked ensuring animal welfare, traceability and environmental protection.

Being traditionally reared, our Belties grow at their own pace and vary in shape and size!  This means we may have 12 bags of beef from one animal and 14 bags from another, which makes life interesting and challenging at times!

We sell beef purely from our own herd, therefore it is seasonally available. 

If you would like to be notified when the next beef is available, please send us your contact details and we'll include you on our list.

Local, Fresh, Farm Assured Beef sold direct in Surrey