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Calves are bought from local dairy farmers at 10 days old and reared until they are 20 months when they are sold to slaughter and the abattoir sells the meat on; with the majority to supermarkets.

Beef Calves




These calves are predominantly Friesian or Friesian Cross calves which move onto the farm mostly in the autumn. The calves are hand reared until they are weaned at six weeks, they are housed in barns during the first few months, moved out to grass in the spring and summer and return to barns for finishing.

When the calves arrive on the farm a cattle passport comes with each of them. The passport names the farm from which the animal came and there is a section which must be completed by us and sent to the British Cattle Movement Service, this keeps an account of all cattle movements from birth to death.

There is an EU requirement to have double tagging on each animal so the calves that were born on dairy farms will arrive with a tag in each ear and one of the tags must be of a stipulated size. Cattle cannot move on or off a holding without a movement passport which is issued by the British Cattle Movement Service (BCMS) at birth.

Cattle tagsThe tag shows the country of origin followed by two six digit numbers; the herd number followed by the individual animal's number. The first 3 digits of the herd number show the county (261 for Surrey) and the next 3 show the farm in that county.

Adult animals are weighed regularly to check their weight and conformation and ultimately to decide when they meet the requirements sought by the abattoir. This information is stored on computer which is linked to the scales and keeps a record of each animal's weight gain.

We also rear a Belted Galloway suckler herd and to read more aout that native breed of cattle which are born and bred on the farm, please click on the Belted Galloway tab to the left.